Three lakes and a waterfall

Last weekend I spent in Montengero mountains, enjoying beautiful Žabljak and visiting three amazing lakes: Black lake, Sušica lake, and Škrka lake.Nature was breathtaking. Didn’t want to ruin moments by taking to many photos. I was thinking, if I saw this on Instagram, I would be amazed. But then I thought, hey, magic is right in […]

Interview: Alex Senna

  Alex Senna is an illustrator and artist from Sao Paulo.Why I wanted to interview Alex?I simply fell in love  with dreamlike motifs in his works.The feeling I get when I see his beautiful illustrations can be described as an emotion that is carried inside, but the one which is hard to express. And than, you […]

Our walls are missing the seventh piece of puzzle

  Movie posters used to have secret ‘art life’ back in times. Exciting circle of inspiration: designer’s (painter’s) creative flow triggered by another peace of art.Nowdays things are different. Movie posters speak to public through intention to maximize the revenues.I’ve selected few movie posters from Yugoslavian cinematography as homage to ‘thoughtful poster’ times.ZenicaDirectors: Milos Stefanovic, Jovan […]

Official taste of #cohubiting

     Last month I’ve been designing from southern Spain and Portugal, soaking up inspiration in the spirit of coast and  getting lost in colorful details of Portuguese azulejos. The charm of Iberia.  Keywords for this winter: middle of December in Malaga, Christmas in Granada, New Year with Setubal family.   From January the 7th I’ve joined COHUBITING, coworking and coliving in a […]