I design materials* for your Erasmus+ projects.

*Intelectual outputs, illustrations and graphics, PDFs & e-books, interactive platforms, publications, google slide presentations.


Why? Since beginning of 2023 many national agencies (like Italian, German, and Spanish one) started to value the quality and usability of the outcomes (I’ll explain it in a bit what does this mean) and not just the quality of narrative reports, pax lists and photos from the activities. It means that it’s not enough to design intelectual outputs in Canva, save it in PDF and share it online. Then you write in the report how 1500 people downloaded that PDF. 

What they started to value is if people actually enjoy reading while understanding what you produced in your KA2 project. They look at the quality and looks of your publications, usability (UX = how easy people can read, process and interact with your publication, platform, or tutorial). 

The approval of your future projects is now directly related with the quality of your current publications. This happens because they are getting a lot of application made with ChatGPT and similar tools. So in order to approve projects, they started looking not just in quality of application, but in quality of produced work. 

Better your design, story and presentation = more approved projects. Now designers are getting a valuable role in Erasmus plus projects because they just became directly responsible for the future of one organization.

My fee adapts to your design budget.
Illustration for groovehq.com/blog
If you want to work together, drop me a line at ena.sadikovic@gmail.com or contact me via Whatsapp: +351910699380