Webdesign: ARTEZANAT 

Maria got an idea for starting Artezanat two days before New Year’s Eve. Productive van ride from Granada to Setubal and powerful brainstorming inspired by sun and breathtaking Spanish and Portugese landscapes: handmade cards, wedding invitations, gifts for guests, a lot of materials, colors, textures and uniqueness. From the first moments I’ve got an idea for website, being happy for the joining two creative flows: Maruchi’s crafts and my designs.


Collor palette.


Detail- home page.


Lovely guest- illustration.

Throughout logo creation I had in mind Marias artistic tool box and bunch of road- trip charms. Feathers on Christmas cards, feathers in sand on Faro beach, vintage accessorize, flower, button collection, dried petals, colored paper.

And, here it is.



ARTEZANAT logo design: black and white variation.

Visit the ARTEZANAT page here.