Alex Senna is an illustrator and artist from Sao Paulo.

Why I wanted to interview Alex?

I simply fell in love  with dreamlike motifs in his works.The feeling I get when I see his beautiful illustrations can be described as an emotion that is carried inside, but the one which is hard to express. And than, you see it outside of your inner world: on the wall, paper, magazine. You stay amazed by what you see- someone else put it out there, speaking through the lines and magic forms they are creating. 




Here is the email interview with Alex:


Ena: How did you first get into illustration?

Alex: I always drew, since I was a kid, but never thought in working with that. I used to work in advertising offices, and that was when I first start to work with my drawings. It was there that i realized that i could do that better and better.




Ena: Please take us through your design process, where do you start?

Alex: I always begin with an idea of concept, and i try to sketch something, I'm always looking for references in books so I can get inspired more. After the sketch, I just put some ink on it.

Ena: What materials do you enjoy working with the most?

Alex: As an illustrator, I love Indian ink and nankin. when painting canvas, acrylic and spray.


Ena: When illustrating, do you sometimes get blocked for ideas? If so, how do you overcome that?

Alex: Sure, all the time. My solution is to see something else- I have a good collection of all types of books, so I'm always looking for some good solutions that sometimes are in the library around me.

Ena: What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?

Alex: Right now i´m trying to look for different types of ways to tell a history, but what fascinates me is nature. So I'm growing a lot of plants in my house. 🙂





Thank you Alex! Check more of his awesome work on the website.


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