Movie posters used to have secret 'art life' back in times.
Exciting circle of inspiration: designer's (painter's) creative flow triggered by another peace of art.

Nowdays things are different. Movie posters speak to public through intention to maximize the revenues.

I've selected few movie posters from Yugoslavian cinematography as homage to 'thoughtful poster' times.


Directors: Milos Stefanovic, Jovan Zivanovic
Image source:



Vlak bez voznog reda
Director: Veljko Bulajic
Poster design: Branko Merksa
Image source: Wikipedia



Battle of Neretva
Director: Veljko Bulajic
Poster design: Picasso
Image source: Wikipedia

Picasso? Yes. And all he asked in return was a box of wine.


Takva pjesma sve osvaja
Director: Branko Majer
Image source:



Samo ljudi
Director: Branko Bauer
Image source:

I wish I have each one of them hanging on my wall.


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